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June 11, 2009

Google Earth; What Could Be Better?

Google Earth – http://earth.google.com/

  • Find where you are living now.
    • Mark it with a push pin
  • Find where you used to live.
    • Mark it with a push pin
  • Find where you were born.
    • Mark it with a push pin
  • Find your schools.
    • Mark them with push pins

Getting the picture?  You can search for locations or just roam around looking for places you’ve been or places of interest, etc.  You can mark them with push pins, then you can write or copy descriptions of that place and much, much more!

Then you can set up your ‘places’ into a ‘tour’ and ‘fly’ around the World stopping at each spot!

People upload photos of thousands of places, and so can you!

You can view the bottom of the oceans!

You can soar around through Space, seeing the  stars!

You can travel around on Mars!

You can look at a location, and see how it has changed from the past.

There is free software available so you can work on a building anywhere on Earth and make it a 3D depiction of the real thing!  There are already thousands of them to view, done by individuals or groups.

You can email locations to friends!

Just so you know in advance, some of the map locations are not current, and some are much clearer than others.  My house is being shown as it was before Hurricane Wilma on 10/24/2005!  I know, because I have cut the grass since then.  *ha-ha*


At the very bottom of the map it says, “Imagery Date: Jan. 20, 2005, then the map coordinates, then the elevation – 12 ft. (above sea level), and finally the Eye alt (altimiter?) – 523 ft., which is the view if you were looking from that height.  Cool, huh?

Oh, that’s our house about in the center of the pic.  My ’98 Dodge pick-up and Barbara’s ’05 Accord are in the driveway.

Jan. 20, 2005 was a Thursday, so that is a trash barrel at the end of the driveway.  Our mailbox is the other ‘spot’ on the opposite corner of the driveway, just a bit farther back from it.

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